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In my work as a Specialist Diabetes Dietitian, I have been privileged to be asked to work on many exciting projects. On this page, I will share a few snippets of the work I have completed in the past few years.


1. Project Work: Work on the Living Well with Diabetes Type 2 Guide with Merck Serono


















This is a comprehensive guide to Type 2 Diabetes which was produced for Doctors and Nurses to use for education and to give to patients with Type 2 Diabetes. The brief was to produce straightforward information about the condition and practical tips to help patients live well. I wrote the lifestyle content and recipes for the guide.

The guide was designed and planned to use internationally. This was a very exciting project as the target audiences were primary care clinicians and patients in so-called 'emerging market' countries – including Latin America – where currently diagnosis is almost invariably very late in the course of the illness, and usually happens in the acute sector where they present acutely or chronically unwell with all the inevitable co-morbidities. So there was tremendous potential to make some difference at the community end of things, providing clinicians with better guidance and tools at the pre-stratification stage, and newly-diagnosed patients with really practical educational and self-management resources. 

2. Representation: A program group development member - NICE guidelines










I was accepted as a PGD member  for the Guideline: Prevention of type 2 diabetes – preventing the progression from pre-diabetes.

PDG members make up an independent group recruited for knowledge and expertise in their area. Their role is to consider and interpret the ‘scientific’ evidence in the development of a NICE guideline. They have formal responsibility for developing the guidance (advise NICE on each part of the guidance), collective ownership of the guidance and assist in specific areas, e.g. implementation, equality impact assessment, press and publicity

3. Speaking : Spotlight sessions - Pfizer Conference 2017

I am often invited to speak about healthy eating, nutrition and Diabetes. One example is, in  2017,  when I  was invited to speak as part of the spotlight sessions at the Pfizer National Conference. This was my stage "set up", with back to back sessions on healthy living and nutrition.

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