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Client Feedback :)

Some lovely feedback from a client this month.

"I went for a review a few weeks ago which involved blood/urine test etc as well as retinopathy. Been for results this morning and was told - by a very delighted Practice Nurse - that my “numbers” had come down from 48 in April to 42 now. Also retinopathy clear.

She made a clear link between the positive advice given by yourself and my taking it on board. I will be reviewed in 12 months’ time but she anticipates a further reduction in the “numbers” - she described it currently as glucose intolerance and, based on evidence of tests, she hopes it could be reversed over time."

It's so rewarding to hear such good news and to know we have worked as a team to make a difference!!! <3

Find out how we can work together to manage your Diabetes.

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